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Customers Testimonials

"...I highly recommend, honest mechanic and does great work. I hardly work on my car anymore ..." 

  "...thanks to iGarage, Ivan for answering my million questions over the phone today. Thorough explanations even though he's busy with other customers!"

"Ivan is GREAT! I just went to him today because i heard clunking noise from the back of my car after having my mazdaspeed sway bar installed for the front and rear. My old mechanic tells me that it's the shocks that are gone and needs replacement. Turns out that my previous idiot mechanic didn't tighten my rear sway bar and Ivan was able to do that for me. I was expecting to pay when Ivan told me not to worry about it I was shocked and I couldn't be more happier! He's definitely a very trusted mechanic and I'm going to go there from now on for all my services!"

"WOW!! Wonderful Service!! Awesome and Honest!! GOOD RATES!!!! I've been going there for two years now. My friend recommended iGarage to me. I live downtown and it is definitely worth the drive for iGarage!!"

"You will never find a more trust worthy mechanic. I have been going to Ivan for a few years now. There are times i'll go in with an issue, he will check it out, do a quick fix if necessary, and charge me nothing! I'll ask him if i need to change something, and he'll honestly let me know, as opposed to trying to get me to get work done for his benefit. He also stands strong by his work, and considering this guy works 7 days a week, he's always available to me in times of need (i drive an 18 year old car, so there are many of these times). You won't find a cheaper price anywhere else either, go ahead and compare. If you find it hard to trust a mechanic, give Ivan a shot, he will pleasantly surprise you."


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