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At iGarage, we promote regular maintenance on your vehicles so that you may realize the best return on your vehicle investment. We can remind you when your services are due and provide you with reports detailing your service history.

Lube, Oil & Filter 6,000 KM 4 Months
Air Filter 24,000 KM 12 Months
Cabin Air Filter 24,000 KM 12 Months

Most people know that a vehicle’s oil must be changed every 4,800 to 12,000 kilometers, depending on the particular manufacturer. However, a punctual replacement and inspection of various other fluids and filters are among the most important aspects of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. You must use the stipulated lubricant formulas, antifreeze and hydraulic fluids to ensure that your warranties remain effective (original or extended). Engine air and oil filters, cabin air filters, fuel filters and transmission filters, all of them remove contaminants that could cause damages. Your iGarage technician will recommend the filter and fluid maintenance calendar appropriate to your vehicle and usage.                

AVR Electrical System Test 24,000 KM 12 Months

Usually, the only time we think of car batteries is when they fail us in the dead cold of winter (interestingly, there are as many battery failures during intense summer heat). It’s a good idea to have your battery and electrical system checked on an annual basis. Today, most batteries are sealed and deliver years of good service. If necessary, your iGarage technician will recommend a battery that’s sure to see you through Mother Nature’s harshest days.

Cooling System Flush 48,000 KM 24 Months

The system that gives you heat in the winter is the same system that keeps your engine running at the correct temperature. Antifreeze should be checked at least once a year prior to winter. Don’t add water without consulting an iGarage technician first. Depending on the antifreeze formula used in your vehicle, the original manufacturer may recommend cooling system fluid replacement every two years or every 48,000 kilometres. Some new antifreeze formulas can last up to 160,000 kilometres or more. Ask an iGarage technician, and he’ll tell you what’s best for your vehicle.

4 Wheel Alignment 24,000 KM 24 Months

Proper wheel alignment is essential to proper road handling – that’s a given. What’s more, alignment increases the lifespan of your tires by preventing premature wear and tear. Even if you don’t notice any “pull” while driving, you should get your alignment checked annually or every 24,000 kilometers. We use state-of-the-art equipment to measure and adjust to specifications. Ask your iGarage technician for more information about this often neglected service.

Power Steering Flush 96,000 KM 48 Months
Fuel Filter 96,000 KM 48 Months

Your steering and suspension components ensure proper road handling and the comfort of your ride, but what’s more, they’re responsible for making sure your tires remain in contact with the road. An annual inspection by your iGarage technician will give you the comfort and safety you want.

Fuel Injection Cleaning Service 48,000 KM 24 Months

Most vehicles on the road today are equipped with sophisticated fuel injection systems. More accurate and less polluting than carburetors, these systems adjust fuel injection to accommodate external conditions, your driving style, outside temperature and atmospheric pressure. Even with such sophistication, maintenance is a must. Without proper maintenance, combustion residue and deposits will gradually build up and reduce fuel injection performance. Maintenance involves a thorough cleaning of the injectors and the fuel inlet system. You’ll notice the difference right away, both in engine performance and during cold starts. Ask your iGarage technician about the frequency at which you, depending on your driving habits, should have your fuel injection system cleaned.Responsible for igniting the gas-air mixture in your engine, your spark plugs and wires affect the cleanliness of your vehicle’s exhaust and its fuel consumption. During your regular service visits, your iGarage technician will gladly inspect your plugs and wires and tell you when new ones should be installed.

Replace Spark Plugs 96,000 KM 48 Months
Brake Fluid Flush 48,000 KM 24 Months

Responsible for igniting the gas-air mixture in your engine, your spark plugs and wires affect the cleanliness of your vehicle’s exhaust and its fuel consumption. During your regular service visits, your iGarage technician will gladly inspect your plugs and wires and tell you when new ones should be installed.

Clean & Adjust Brakes 24,000 KM 12 Months

What could be more important than brakes! They’ve been our specialty since the very inception of iGarage. Over the years, braking systems have evolved drastically, including, among others advancements, the introduction of electronic anti-skid controls (ABS). Make sure your brakes are visually inspected on a regular basis (a good opportunity is when your tires are rotated). Hydraulic brake fluid is extremely important, as it must sustain large variations in temperature and humidity. It is usually advisable to replace your brake fluid every two years or 48,000 kilometres.

Inspect & Rotate Tires 12,000 KM 8 Months
Replace Timing Belt 96,000 KM 48 Months

Your tires are the only thing between you and the road. During every maintenance service, have your iGarage technician check the condition and air pressure of your tires. They should be rotated every 10,000 or 12,000 kilometres to ensure uniform wear. All four tires should be the same brand and make, and you should never change the size of your tires without first consulting an expert. When your tires need to be replaced, go to your nearest iGarage expert.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Whether manual or automatic, your transmission works hard, as it constantly transfers power to the road. Yet, transmission maintenance is one of the most neglected maintenance services in the industry. Some manufacturers recommend that automatic transmission fluid be replaced every year or 48,000 kilometers! Some transmissions are highly sophisticated and can even adjust electronically to your driving style; they may require special adjustments or to have their computers “reset” at the time of service. To avoid costly transmission damage, adhere fully to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your iGarage technician offers all of these services.


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